Best Practices of Data Modeling with InfoSphere Data Architect

How do you become a more effective modeler? It is not enough to be proficient with theory and principles, you also need to know your tools. In a web technical briefing I was sharing my experiences with InfoSphere Data Architect, focusing on tool specific best practices. We had over a hundred participants in the live meeting, and here is what IBM newsletter says about it:

"And a second huge thank you to Dr. Vladimir Bacvanski for his fantastic job on the Best Practices in Data Modeling using InfoSphere Data Architect tech briefing."

 And here is from the IBM Optim twitter:

"@IBM_Optim: Awesome tech briefing on best practices in data modeling with #infosphere data architect. Thanks to Vladimir Bacvanski!"

Wow! It was a pleasure to share; we also had some great questions from the audience.

If you have missed the talk, here are the slides:

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