Eclipse Day 2010 at Google

This year the Eclipse day attracted about 150 people who gathered at Google Headquarters. As you can imagine, the day was full of interesting presentations. The Eclipse system is growing in its size (with all the projects: 33 million lines of code) and complexity, but also in its capabilities.

For someone who is both using and teaching about Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) and  Google Web Toolkit (GWT), the recent inclusion of GWT as the target for code generation in EMF is a welcome addition. More about this in the presentation by Ed Merks. It is a great start, and I can imagine its potential when the integration becomes more mature!

For all of you who could not attend, presentation slides have been made available here.


Why attend the IOD Conference?

Do you often ask yourself "Should I attend the X conference"? The major question is "is it worth it?". There are two aspects of this decision: spending (time and money) and gaining. In these days of reduced budgets the "spending part" is often pushed in the foreground, but you should view a conference or any other event as an investment. At the last IBM Information on Demand conference, a camera crew captured some of my reasons why I attend IOD.