Crash Introduction to Modern Java Data Access: Understanding JPA, Hibernate, MyBatis, and pureQuery

There is a wealth of literature on Java persistence and all of it targets Java developers. But there is very little material that targets the data specialists: DBAs, architects, data designers. That is a problem, because on every sizeable project developers and data specialists need to talk about the data, yet there is a chasm between their worlds. The lack of Java persistence knowledge on the DBA side and database ignorance on the Java developer side can lead to some interesting friction. (Just imagine them debugging a Hibernate generated query that nobody "wrote".)
In this talk at IDUG 2011 in Los Angeles, I am addressing the problem by giving a talk that is a crash introduction into modern Java data access. Written for "data people", it gives just enough foundation to understand the key principles of Java persistence approaches and their impact on the data layer of systems. We address JPA and Hibernate extensions for object-relational mapping and MyBatis when it is better to write SQL by hand. Finally, we talk about pureQuery. With its mix of elegant APIs and tooling that bridges together Java and Database development (IBM Data Studio), pureQuery is my favorite when I need to take control over SQL in Java application that uses DB2.

Parts of the presentation are borrowed from our pureQuery course.