IDUG 2012 Talk: Big Data, Hadoop, BigInsights


IDUG 2012 is coming in May. I am excited to be invited to speak at the IDUG conference - a great event for DB2 practitioners. So, here is the tentative abstract of the talk:

Big Data, Hadoop, and NoSQL: A Crash Course for a Fearless DB2 Practitioner

Big Data, Hadoop, and NoSQL became the buzzwords in the IT community. However, few database practitioners understand what these technologies are, what are their advantages and weak points, and how (if at all?) do they fit in the relational data processing landscape. No wonder, as nearly all source on these topics target software developers and not data professionals. On the other hand, data professionals often greet these new technologies with either fear or ignorance. That needs to change! In this talk you will hear the sometimes amusing story behind the NoSQL, Hadoop, and Big Data and learn the principles behind them. You will learn about the angle you can take to quickly become productive with BigData, apply you SQL skills and integrate your NoSQL systems with DB2.  For demos and examples we use IBM's InfoSphere BigInsights Hadoop based implementation.

The conference is coming in May; I will post the presentation slides after the event.


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