Tutorial at EDW 2013: Introduction to Hadoop and Big Data Technologies

For a long time, relational databases have been the only technology for most data architects. In the last couple of years, we see the emergence of Big Data, Hadoop as a dominant way to process them and the rise of non relational stores, collectively known as NoSQL databases.

The tutorial I will be teaching at EDW 2013 has a goal to provide a practical overview of the key approaches, technologies, and systems in this growing space. Regardless if you will apply these technologies, a data architect must understand them in order to make the best choice for the data processing.

Introduction to Hadoop and Big Data Technologies

This tutorial is designed to provide a rapid immersion into Big Data with Hadoop. We start with an introduction to the Hadoop cluster and teach the ways to interact with the Hadoop file system and the cluster. We introduce Hive and Pig, popular higher level interfaces to managing data in the Hadoop system. We complete with an overview of related NoSQL stores. Upon completion, attendees will understand:
  • Big Data concepts and technologies 
  • Map Reduce concepts 
  • The Hadoop file system 
  • Hive and Pig for productive data management and development 
  • NoSQL Stores 
More about the tutorial at the EDW 2013 site.