Keynote Talk at IDUG 2014: DB2 and the Age of the Polyglot Persistence

I am excited to deliver the keynote talk at the IDUG 2014 Conference in Phoenix.

While I have addressed the topic of polyglot persistence earlier, this talk is focusing on DB2 practitioners. I have been using DB2 since the mid 90's. It is a trusted database of choice for many enterprises. In this talk I will be focusing on the path a DB2 practitioner should take to familiarize themselves with the alternatives to relational model. For some of these capabilities, we will have to reach out to other systems, and for some we can use the non-relational features that DB2 was introducing into its portfolio of capabilities. In any case, keep an open mind and make the best of the new data storage and processing possibilities!

Check out the details here. I am looking forward to seeing you in Phoenix!