ACM Supporting Teacher Award

I have started my career in computing tirelessly studying, at the time, for me precious issues of Communications of the ACM, VAX Assembly manuals and early Prolog books. I have always felt the thrill of running software. In my work, I act as a consultant and mentor to organizations and their R&D teams facing challenging problems ranging from financial applications to aerospace systems.

But how would it be to teach kids to program and tackle some of the exciting new technologies? Can teens embrace Hadoop? Can they feel the excitement of a 64 node cluster running on the Amazon EC2 cloud? Can they get excited about failover and CAP theorem?

The answer is resounding "yes". The twelve year old can make enthusiastic steps in these technologies. With a bit of care and thoughtfulness in the approach, young students can develop passion for these and other computer science topics. In that age I had a slide rule. The kids today can run a cluster in the cloud. We should be happy about it.

I am thrilled to receive the award of the ACM for the Supporting Teacher at the Synopsys, the Silicon Valley Science Fair. ACM and its publications were a great factor in my development and I am honored today to receive the ACM Supporting Teacher Award.